• Please be aware that the changes to the federal regulations that govern human subjects research go into effect on January 21st, 2019.  Please see our Standard Operating Procedures for this transition to see how these changes will affect your research.

Georgia Tech (Central) IRB

The Central Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews most human subject research activities where Georgia Tech is engaged in the research.  Research being conducted at the Center for Brain Imaging is not reviewed by this committee.

The Central board is composed of faculty and administrators from Georgia Institute of Technology and representatives from the greater Atlanta community. Administrative support for the Board is provided by the Georgia Tech Office of Research Integrity Assurance (ORIA).

Specific forms relating to human subjects research under Central IRB review can be found on our Forms page.

IRB approval is required in advance for all research projects that include human subjects, regardless of funding source and regardless of whether the project is a subgrant or subcontract to or from another institution.

Contact the IRB team for guidance and assistance or with questions about whether a study protocol requires IRB review.