IACUC Required Training & Occupational Health Program

General Training Requirements

Everyone named on the protocol—including students, lab techs, and visiting scholars—are required to complete the online CITI course, “Working with the IACUC” and the other CITI modules appropriate for the planned work. For example, if the protocol proposes the use of mice or rats, all named personnel must complete “Post-Procedure Care of Mice and Rats in Research: Reducing Pain and Distress" and“Working with Mice (or Rats) in Research Settings.”


Log in to Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program to access training via SSO (Single Sign On). GT Account and Password will be required.

Completion of CITI modules by all personnel proposing to work with animals is verified by the Compliance Officer at the time of protocol application, continuing review, and when new personnel, including students, are added to the protocol.

  • Non-Georgia Tech Personnel: Visiting Scholars, affiliates, and others not employed by or enrolled at Georgia Tech, but participating in animal projects in Georgia Tech facilities, must also complete the required CITI training modules.
  • Exception to Training Requirement: Occasionally, a large Program or Center grant to a single Principal Investigator will fund multiple faculty members’ activities. In many of these cases, the Program/Center grant PI is not a member of the research team on animal protocols funded by the grant. In these situations, the requirement to complete CITI modules is waived for the Program/Center grant PI if he/she has absolutely no involvement in the animal work.

Refresher Training Requirements:

Everyone involved with vertebrate animal research must complete the online CITI refresher modules “Working with the IACUC – Refresher Course - Investigator, Staff and Students” every three years. This change is necessary to comply with new training requirements imposed by some federal agencies and will align us with best practices at comparable institutions. Step by step instructions for the CITI Refresher are available at: INSTRUCTIONS for Taking The IACUC Animal Research Refresher Course

Federal Requirement for Training

Georgia Institute of Technology is required by federal regulations to provide training for all personnel involved in the use and/or care of vertebrate animals in research, testing and teaching. PHS Policy and USDA regulations require that training be made available in the following areas:

  • Humane methods of animal maintenance and experimentation, including the basic needs of each species of animal, proper handling and care for the various species of each animal used by the facility and proper pre-procedural and post-procedural care of animals.
  • Research and testing methods that minimize the number of animals required to obtain valid results and minimize animal distress.
  • Proper use of anesthetics, analgesics, and tranquilizers for any species of animals used by the facility;
  • Methods whereby deficiencies in animal care and treatment are reported, including deficiencies in animal care and treatment reported by any employee of the facility.

In addition, Principal Investigators are responsible for providing adequate and appropriate training to team members (students, co-PIs, lab techs). Training is also provided in animal handling, manipulation, and techniques by the animal facility manager and the Attending Veterinarian.

Occupational Health Program

The Office of Environmental Health & Safety administers the Occupational Health Program for Georgia Tech employees and certain students who may be exposed to health risks as part of their jobs or research activities at GT. For more information, please go to EH&S’s website and enroll in their Biosafety Occupational Health Program (BOHP).